Scientists Speak About the Biblical Creation

About the Essay

“Scientists Speak About the Biblical Creation”

by Jay Schabacker

The popular secularist mantra is that the Biblical Creation Model is not “scientific,” but when we actually hear from the majority of scientists themselves, we gain a new appreciation – eventually leading to the goal of the increase of the science of Creation teaching in all of our public schools.

We were traveling the Lewis and Clark trail, and came upon a destination that my wife and I always wished to visit – Mount Saint Helens. The blowup on May 18, 1980 of that mountain in the State of Washington was something historical – especially for scientists as to how catastrophes could have explained our earth’s recent history. Not actually scientists, but Christians with a seeking mind, we found the site exciting. And, at the end of the tour, I approached the book sales display and asked if they had any books with the Christian view of the catastrophism shown by Mt. St. Helens, the reply, to my chagrin, was, “I’m sorry, sir, but we only carry books by scientists.”

I was taken aback, to say the least, and hence the idea to write this essay, Scientists Speak about the Biblical Creation.”

The audience for this essay is that Mount St. Helens salesperson – and the additional millions who have fallen for the Devil’s trap that is called the Theory of Evolution. The audience thusly includes you, school teachers, and government legislators.  A more specific audience could become the thirty-three Republican States Governors, here in the U.S., who could now have a new desire and ability to get the Creation Model taught next to the Evolution Model in science classes of our public schools.

Subtitles for the essay come to mind:

  1. “Redeeming our Children through the Teaching of Biblical Creation in our Public Schools”
  1. “Saving our Country by Saving our Kids”
  1. As Eric Metaxas says, “Why haven’t we heard this before”

The time is now ripe for this essay because:

  1. As the years have progressed, scientists have found new “truths” about our origins – and these totally discredit the Evolution Model.
  1. Because of this trend, the recent scientists who possess doctor’s degrees who believe in the Creation Model outnumber those that believe in the Evolution Model by 223 to 48! Let’s hear from them!

This essay has at least two unique angles:

  1. Whereas other scientific materials do a splendid job of submitting scientific truths and arguments, this one also gets into what Eric Metaxas calls the Gut Issue. In the book’s Introduction there is an explanation of Evolution – that if correct – requires a very long time and “chance.” On the other hand, (believe it!) the Biblical Creation involves Miracles, all around us. I think this should awaken the reader’s thirst for the truth – – with some very good results.
  1. Many scientific Creation groups singlehandedly put forth their arguments in several ways, which is good. But even better, when the reader is overwhelmed by the jointly, well organized, arguments of numerous Creation groups (in this case five groups), in one location, one reading, that he or she understands – this could lead us to a ‘call to action’!

Read the essay (81 pages) here: