Creation Class – The Scientists Speak

By Jay Schabacker


We are in the “Age of discovery.”

As an engineer, I like to research and discover, and that’s where I get into trouble—because then I write about it. But I’m passionate about it, so it gets lengthy. Here I will try some short “CliffsNotes.”

  1. I discovered that the number of scientists who believe in the Creation far outnumbers the number of scientists who believe in Evolution. By my reckoning, the tally of Creationist PhDs was 223 vs. 49 PhDs who believe in Evolution. This didn’t jive with what the general public is told “that scientists cannot be Creationists.” After my Mount St. Helens experience, I decided to research what the scientists had to say about the Biblical Creation; hence this essay, “Creation Class” – “The Scientists Speak.”

  1. I discovered that what it is all about is a giant battle between those who believe in no Supreme Being, but a “naturalistic worldview,” “uniformitarianism,” and “chance” for Evolution taking place over billions of years for impossible events to take place—and against Creation, “Catastrophism” (think “global flood”) wherein we understand a miracle-performing God is forever Creating and sustaining in ways we have to admit we don’t fully understand.

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