Professor quits believing Darwin’s theories

David Gelernter, a famed Yale University professor, member of the National Council of the Arts, and a prolific author, has recently publicly renounced his belief in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, calling it a “beautiful idea” that has been effectively disproved.

In his piece, Gelernter cited the Cambrian explosion as one insurmountable problem facing Darwinism. That’s because the fossil record shows “A striking variety of new organisms – including the first-ever animals – pop up suddenly in the fossil record over a mere 70-odd million years.” This directly contradicts the expectation by Darwin that “new life forms evolve gradually from old ones in a constantly branching, spreading tree of life.”

What’s more, Gelernter adds Darwin’s main problem is molecular biology, pointing out advances in technology have brought forth vast amounts of new information and understanding about the complexity of life, all of which has shown random mutation plus natural selection cannot generate new and complex creatures.

Gelernter felt that scientists believe in Darwin’s evolution in something like their “religion’, and his outlook for the future seems bleak. He stated, “Religion is imparted, more than anything else, by the parents to the children, and young people are brought up as little Darwinists . . . The students in my class, they’re all Darwinists. I am not hopeful.”

But, Gelernter, nevertheless, pointed out that “this is one of the most important issues of modern times, and every thinking person has the right and duty to judge for himself.”

(, Jennifer Kabbany – Fix Editor, July 30, 2019)

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