Another Silent Spring

Our country is experiencing a progressive moral decline.

A Chronology:

1620 – Pilgrims land and form a Christian community in the US

1700 – Harvard and Yale universities founded on Christian principles

1776 – US nation formed on belief in God, “In God We Trust”

1859 – Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species” (Man came from apes)

1900 – Evolution is now a “science”; Evolution taught in schools

1961 – Henry Morris’s “Genesis Flood”; Modern Creation Movement

1970-1990 – Numerous scientific Creationist organizations formed

2000-2019 – Ties between evolution teaching and the negative social consequences of evolution shown, with advancing problems in the US: Atheism, rise of unwed childbirths, drug abuse, crime, social violence, and suicide, (Man now acts like apes)

Now that scientists have proven the impossibility of evolution, we now have all the more reason to fight for getting Creation taught alongside of Evolution in our public schools – to save our country by saving our kids.                                        Will you join the fight?

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