Teaching Biblical Creation in Our Classrooms

Scientific Challenges to Evolutionary Theory

And How These Challenges Affect Religion.

How did my new book, Scientific Challenges to Evolutionary Theory & How These Challenges Affect Religion, come about. Let me tell you the Mount St. Helen’s story.

A Special Note about the Book

Scientific Challenges to Evolutionary Theory

How These Challenges Affect Religion

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Harper Collins Christian
“I recommend Schabacker’s book which addresses all aspects of the battle between those who believe in a ‘naturalistic worldview’ (and evolution), and a miracle-performing God and His ordained and very specific creation of all things. The case for our children’s teaching of Creation and for homeschooling is forcefully brought forth by the author, with whom my husband Paul and I have personally met and spent multiple hours. Jay Schabacker is a well-written author with high credibility and godly conviction. We love his work and highly recommend him.”
“Many congratulations on the publication of your book, Scientific Challenges to Evolutionary Theory. The book is most timely, and most urgently needed in the dissolution of our culture to evolutionary thought. I pray that it will do much good.”
Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas
Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, South Carolina

Mount St. Helen's story

We were traveling the Lewis and Clark Trail and came upon a destination we always wished to visit – Mount St. Helen's. The eruption on May 18, 1980, of that mountain in the state of Washington was something historical – especially for scientists who try to explain our earth’s recent history through catastrophes. Not actually scientists but Christians with a seeking mind, my wife and I found the site exciting. At the end of the tour, I approached the salesperson and asked if they had any books with a Christian view of the catastrophism shown at Mount St. Helen's; the reply, to my chagrin was, “I’m sorry, sir, but we only carry books by scientists.” I was taken aback to say the least, hence the idea to write this book that started with the goal of researching what advanced level scientists had to say about Biblical Creation. It was a lot!

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2. What the scientists have to say about life on earth – is it thousands of years or billions of years old?
3. Use of radiometric and other dating methods – does it get accurate results of age?
4. Emergence of plants and animals – what the fossil record shows.
5. Mutations: What are they, and are they good or bad?
6. Man and apes: Are we related, or is there a separate ancestry?
7. Emergence of the universe and the solar system

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